School Lunch 2017-2018

The Food Service Department is committed to providing nutritious meals and snacks that meet or exceed federal regulations.

Howards Grove Schools utilize Skyward for lunch service. All children receive a photo identification card that is used for any purchase. We have Family Lunch Accounts so all children in the family are under one account. Skyward is a PRE-PAY system. Three payment options are available. On-line through E-funds (link is located on the website), by Food Service envelope (located in each office) or by utilizing the printable website form. Fill out the forms completely to ensure your payment is credited to the correct account. You may access your account payment and purchase information through Family Access at any time.

Low/No Balance Procedures

1. Skyward will generate Low Balance Notification emails when the account reaches $10.00. If no email address is provided a paper copy will go home with the youngest student or be mailed.

2. If the account becomes negative and no payment is received the Food Service Director will contact the parent/guardian (Payor) of the account. Ala Carte purchases may be stopped at this time.

3. At negative -$10.00 purchases may be stopped. Parents/guardian (Payor) will be notified if purchases are stopped. The building Administrator or Counselor will be notified and may follow up with the parent/guardian. Please note that the Food Service Director and School Administrators will make every effort to work with the parent/guardian to ensure all students have access to food while at school. This may include payment plans.

4. If no agreement is reached, the account will be considered delinquent after 60 days.

5. After 120 days the account will be considered bad debt and the District may proceed with debt collection under Wisconsin Law.

Additional Information

Ala Carte items can be purchased at the Middle School and High School if funds are available. Milk is available at Northview. These purchases will be deducted from the Family Lunch Account. If you do not want your child(ren) to purchase ala carte items please contact the Food Service Department to place a hold/stop on their account. Money is not accepted in the lunch line at the Middle School or Northview. Cash can be used at the High School.

Free and Reduced Meal Program

Applications for the Free and Reduced Meal Program are emailed or mailed before the beginning of a new school year and are also available on the school website. A new application is required for each school year. Please place your application in an envelope addressed to the Food Service Department. These can be dropped off in any office or mailed to 401 Audubon Rd., Howards Grove WI 53083. If you receive a Direct Certification notification you do not have to fill out an application. Please note that milk only with a lunch brought from home is not included in this benefit. 

Contact Information

Becky Schlegel, Food Service Director
(920) 565-4459
401 Audubon Rd.
Howards Grove, WI 53083

Sherryl Herr, Free and Reduced Meal Program
(920) 565-4459
401 Audubon Rd
Howards Grove, WI 53083