Howards Grove School District Exceeds Expectations on State Report Card
Chris Woller
Monday, December 02, 2019

The Department of Public Instruction has released the state report cards for districts and schools.  Once again, Howards Grove scored very well.  As a district we EXCEED EXPECTATIONS with a score of 81.5.  Below are our complete district scores:

Northview Elementary:           84.5       Significantly Exceeds Expectations

HG Middle School:                 84.0       Significantly Exceeds Expectations

HG High School:                    75.0       Exceeds Expectations

District:                                   81.5       Exceeds Expectations

Howards Grove ranks 49th out of 419 districts in the state!

Congratulations to Northview Elementary School for receiving another score that places us in the Significantly Exceeds Expectations of 84.5 on the state report card.  This is the fourth year in a row of being in this category.  We will study our test scores and continue working to improve them every year.


Congratulations to Howards Grove Middle School for receiving a score of 84, which places us in the Significantly Exceeds Expectations, for the first time!  The Middle School score increased by 2.3 points, from 81.7 to 84.  This is a huge gain in our scores and we are excited for ongoing growth through continued use of best practices.

Both the Middle School and Northview will continue to utilize Aimsweb data, which shows a high correlation to the Forward Exam, to create intervention groups.  As grade level teams, we will continue to monitor those students receiving interventions and make frequent adjustments to meet the needs of every student.  Northview students continue to work with the Chromebooks to improve test taking strategies, and the Middle School is evaluating its schedule to increase core instructional time.  These and many other strategies are being implemented to continue strong student success on state testing. 

Congratulations to Howards Grove High School for increasing their overall score on the State Report Card by 4.2 points and Exceeding Expectations with a 75.0 score.   Again, this is a large gain in our scores that can be attributed to our staff evaluating areas of growth and improving our instructional practices. 

The High School staff has been reviewing Aspire, Practice ACT and ACT scores to identify those students who scored below benchmark on these standardized tests.   Over the past two years, they have been providing intervention time during advisement for students below benchmark to help improve their scores in reading and math.   As you can see, these efforts have paid off.  Additional changes we are making to continue improvement in our students’ achievement include implementing a weighted grading system (2019-2020) and moving to an A/B alternating day schedule in the 2020-21 school year.   Our local ACT data shows a correlation with our students who take the more challenging courses offered at HGHS and scoring between 2 and 6 points higher on the content areas of the ACT.   The ACT is the test used to determine Student Achievement scores.   The change to an A/B schedule (alternating day format) in 2020 will allow students to have core content area courses taught year-round and not in a semester format. 

We are so incredibly proud of the staff, students and parents for their dedicated contributions to the success of our students.  Our drive is to continue providing the best for our students.   Congratulations to all and thank you for your continued support.