Dear HGSD Parents, Staff and Community,            April 24rd, 2020  
I hope this letter finds all of you safe and healthy.  I am writing to you this week with a very important message about how we continue this pandemic schooling.  I know that many of you are beyond stressed with the challenges we are facing.  No matter what your situation is, this is a challenging time for all.   
Now that we know this is how the year will continue, I want to reassure you of several things.  Hopefully these topics can bring some comfort and assurance that we will get through this together.   
 While virtual learning will continue for the remainder of the school year we want you to focus on the essential learnings.   I have shared the same message with staff.  We do not want to overwhelm students, parents, or teachers with unrealistic expectations.  Everyone wants the best for his or her child/student, but we need to pull back and set our focus on what is essential.  
 K-6th grade:  Stay engaged but please pick and choose what you complete.  The right balance is different for every household and grade level.  A parent trying to manage 3 children virtual leaning at home while also working from home is incredibly challenging.  Essential learning in this setting is going to be the basics.   
 7th grade through Seniors:  Our older students who are more independent are more able to get assignments completed and returned.  Please continue to do the best you can. If you are having any issues, please reach out to your classroom teacher or building principal for help.  We want every student engaged in learning during this closure.   
 Information on how we will be grading will be shared today.  We believe the new grading policy for the remainder of the year is understanding, caring, and flexible.  The information is posted to our website and will provide much more detail regarding specific grade levels and the flexible options. 
 We are still working on our graduation options.  A June graduation on-site is not possible.  Mr. Fritz is working on surveying the seniors so that we can plan our graduation ceremonies as best we can and still make it a very special occasion.  We have identified two alternate dates of July 12th and August 2nd.   
 At this point, we are still hopeful to run a summer school program.  We have recently learned that a June onsite summer school is not possible.  We are waiting for details from the state regarding a July and August summer school.  We are also working on some virtual options as a possibility too.  We will keep you posted.  

In closing, one of our main focus points for our educators and students during the 2019-2020 school year has been having a “growth mindset.”   Staying engaged promotes a growth mindset. Little did we know how important this growth mindset would be for all of us this year! I believe we all will be stronger when we come out on the other side of the COVID-19 Pandemic! History is being written! Together, we will write the BEST story for our children. 
Sincerely, Chris Peterson, Scott Fritz, Heather Zizis, Jason Cole, and Tracy Bandt