Dear Families,                                                                                                                                                June 23rd, 2020

What will school look like in the fall?   This is the million dollar question I am certain is on the minds of many in our school community. The answer is unknown at this time but be assured the Howards Grove School District will open its doors to provide a safe and healthy environment for learning.  As you can imagine, it is a big challenge and we are up for it.  

We understand you want to know the plan to make family decisions. We will provide as much information as is practical to meet your needs.   Just yesterday, June 22nd, the Department of Public Instruction released new guidelines for consideration to reopen schools.  There are a lot of suggestions and recommendations for us to consider as we develop a plan that is right for our schools and community. 

As of today, we have put together two committees to develop our plans.  The first committee is for the reopening of our facilities this summer.  It is comprised of administrators, teachers and coaches. They are tasked with providing a short term plan for students to access our campuses, gymnasiums, and athletic facilities.

The second committee is tasked with developing the reopening of school plan for the fall.  That committee is comprised of Board members, administrators, teachers, maintenance staff, and parents.  Our first meeting will be held on June 30th

The anchoring goal is to open schools safely.  This will mean some changes and recommendations while trying to maintain things as normal as possible.  We will focus on building a strong base of health hygiene at home and school, keeping sickness out of our schools, and modifying school operations to leverage safety and learning simultaneously and routinely.

The development of the school reopening plan will take place over the summer weeks in a very fluid, informational environment. Every decision will be anchored in safety, learning, and finance.  Guidance from national, state, and local sources along with the knowledge and insight from our committee partners will provide solid information to build a strong plan that is right for Howards Grove. 

We are committed to supporting families in the process and thankful for your patience.  I will continue to post updates and information on our website, as well as weekly update letters throughout the summer.


Christopher Peterson

Superintendent of Schools