Dear HGSD Parents, Staff and Community,                                                  December 11th, 2020


I hope this letter finds all of you in good health.  As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we continue to take as many proactive steps as possible to keep staff and students safe.  Our attendance continues to be very positive.  Following the Thanksgiving break, we were concerned of a spike in cases.  Fortunately we are not seeing that at this time.  Thank you for your continued efforts to stay healthy and keep us open. 


If you are interested in being a substitute teacher there is an easy way to get certified through CESA 7. You need to have an associate degree to qualify. I have included a link below to CESA 7 if you are interested.

As mentioned last week, the CDC has updated the quarantine guidance.  The CDC continues to recommend a quarantine period of 14 days. This is the safest option for all to follow.  However, based on local circumstances and resources, the following options to shorten quarantine are now acceptable alternatives.

  • Quarantine can end after Day 10 without testing and if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring.
    • With this strategy, residual post-quarantine transmission risk is estimated to be about 1% with an upper limit of about 10%.
  • Quarantine can end after Day 7 if a diagnostic specimen tests negative and if no symptoms were reported during daily monitoring. The test can only be taken on day 6 or after. Quarantine cannot be discontinued earlier than Day 7, returning to school on day 8.

In both cases, additional criteria (e.g., continued symptom monitoring and masking through Day 14) must be met and are outlined in the full text.


The WI National Guard COVID testing site in the parking lot of the Sheboygan County Aging & Disability Resource Center has been extended to every Wednesday and Friday from 10am-6pm through March 10, 2021.  Please follow the link for all testing days. There will be NO testing on December 25th or January 1st.

More information about this testing site can be found on the WING Testing Site page of the Sheboygan County Website.


Do you feel you have a good gauge of your student's mental health?  To identify potential concerns, consider using a conversation starter:  "I've noticed that..." Open the conversation by explaining behavioral changes you have noticed, actively listen to their response, and express genuine concern.  For more support services to address your student's mental health needs, go to our pupil service district link:

Please be safe. Working together, we will make a positive difference for our children.  Please reach out to us if you have questions. 


Sincerely, Chris Peterson, Scott Fritz, Heather Zizis, Jason Cole, Josh Swanson, and Tracy Bandt