Hello Howards Grove School District!


It is a great day to be a Tiger!


As I mentioned in my previous communication we, as a board, are very interested in providing you updates and transparency to the work being done around staffing for our Administrative team.


As you may have seen from the meeting minutes that were shared out from the board meeting last Friday, as a board we had decided to suspend the search for a superintendent in order to consider pursuing an interim superintendent.  We had a follow up meeting last night to further this discussion, and after our meeting last night we have decided to reinstate the superintendent search and proceed with interviews of our three final candidates on June 2nd beginning at 5:00PM.  We are excited about these candidates and are confident that the energy and experience that will be brought to the district will enable us to continue to build on the tradition of success we have experienced.


You may be asking why did we temporarily suspend our search?  As a board we recognize there are many challenges we are facing as a district and we believed it was in the best interest of the district to pause and ensure we had a plan in place to address these challenges head on.  One possible way to do this was to consider an interim, however, after speaking as a board as well as with a couple of our consultants who are helping guide the board through this process, we have begun to put together a plan to ensure that the new superintendent as well as the rest of the administrative team will have the support necessary to provide the greatest opportunity for success while continuing to move the district forward.


Beyond our superintendent search we have also established a timeline for our building principals.  As we have previously shared we are committed to keeping you informed and involved in the search process for the principals.  We are incredibly fortunate to know that you care and we want you to know we value your thoughts.  To that end, we have changed from the panel format with staff and community members to one that includes all interested parties in the form of a Staff Input session for our staff and a Community Input session for our community members.  In these sessions you will hear from all three finalists for the building principal position, have the opportunity to ask questions, and provide feedback.  Specifics for each building will be shared as appropriate to our various timelines.  Together, we are stronger!  Hope to see you there!




Dave Loomis


Howards Grove Board of Education