The Howards Grove School District will follow the current school district calendar which designates Friday, May 24th and Wednesday, June 12th as snow make-up days. Students will be in session on both of these days.

You can find an updated 2018-2019 school year calendar on the district website .

Updates will be posted immediately after cancellations and delays are announced.


Notification Sources
(this list was last updated 10/23/2017 and is subject to change)

Apptegy Broadcasts
(automated calls, emails & text messages)

HGSD Website

TV Stations
WTMJ Milwaukee
WITI Milwaukee
WBAY Green Bay
WGBA Green Bay

AM 1330 WHBL Sheboygan
FM 101.5 WHBL Sheboygan
FM 104.5 WXER Plymouth
FM 93.7 WBFM Sheboygan
FM 104.5 WXER Sheboygan
AM 1240 WOMT Manitowoc
FM 102.3 WQTC Manitowoc
AM 620 WTMJ Milwaukee
FM 94.5 WKTI Milwaukee
FM 98.1 WLKN Cleveland

Why Close school?
Safety or our students, staff, and bus drivers is the primary concerns.

When is the decision made?
If inclement weather is predicted in the forecast, the superintendent and the bus company are in communication and both monitor the weather. A decision is made as soon as possible. A tentative decision is made shortly after 5 a.m. and is continually re-evaluated until the end of the school day. Once the decision is made to delay or close school, the superintendent contacts multiple media outlets to inform the public.

Who makes the decision?
Several people have input, but the final decision to close schools or to stay open is the superintendent’s. He consults with:

Other superintendents in the area
The manager and staff of Harms Bus company
District maintenance staff
District’s administrative team
Local and national weather data
Up-to-date state and local radar
Sheboygan County Highway department and Sheboygan County Sheriff’s department

While the decision to close school belongs to the superintendent, parents ultimately have the final decision about keeping their children safe on days when the weather may be less than ideal. Parents also should consider whether an inexperienced high school student should drive to school or ride the bus.

What influences the decision?
Visibility: Blowing snow is the most critical factor in safe transportation; this includes concerns with fog
Snow amounts and slippery conditions reported by personnel who are actually driving the roads
Cold: Actual sustained temperatures below -20 F or wind chills below -35 F

How does HGSD let people know about school delays or closures?
Once a decision is made regarding school closings or delays, the announcement is posted on the District’s web site. We also send out information using our BlackBoard alert system which broadcasts both emails and phone calls with important information. In addition, the radio and television stations listed above are contacted.

When weather conditions are such that you question if school will be closed, please be sure to check these sources. We understand that some parents may not be able to receive announcements regarding early school closures during the day. We ask that you make arrangements with family and/or friends to listen for you in case school is dismissed early due to bad weather.

Additional Items

School Closure or early Dismissal – In the event of a school closure or early dismissal, all after-school activities will be cancelled.

Delayed opening – When the school day has a delayed start, usually 2 hours, there will be NO morning Early Childhood or 4 year old Kindergarten.