Philosophy of Education

Recognizing our district's youth as its greatest asset, and their education as perhaps the community's greatest single responsibility, the Board of Education and the teaching staff consistently strive to serve the best interests of the youth and the community. It is believed that the best interests of youth are served by a school that is in part described in the following statement of philosophy and purposes. The board goals of the Howards Grove School District are:

  • To equip the individual with the fundamental skills of computation, reading, writing, listening, speaking, thinking, decision-making, and computer literacy as tools for further achievement.

  • To stimulate the individual's curiosity, creativity, independence, and achievement.

  • To develop in the individual the ability to change and adapt to new problems.

  • To provide opportunities for the individual to participate in activities which promote appreciation of the fine arts.

  • To develop in each individual an understanding and an appreciation of the American political and economic system and to be prepared for the responsibilities of citizenship.

  • To develop in the individual an appreciation of individual human worth in respect to one's self and others.

  • To provide each individual with a fundamental understanding of science and technology, the influence of science and technological facts concerning the nature and the world in which we live.

  • To stress to each individual that good mental and physical health are necessary to attain full potential.

  • To help each individual understand and feel the satisfaction of a job well done, become aware of vocational opportunities, and be prepared to enter an occupation suited to individual abilities and interests.