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Welcome to The School District of Howards Grove

Providing a caring, child-centered education for all students in early childhood through grade 12.

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Welcome to the Howards Grove School District's website! I hope you find the information contained on our website useful and informative. Should you not be able to find an answer to a question you may have, or not find the particular piece of information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call one of the school offices or our district office.

The Howards Grove School District is located in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin, approximately 50 miles north of Milwaukee and 50 miles south of Green Bay. The school district is primarily located in Sheboygan County, with a small portion of the school district being in Manitowoc County.

The Howards Grove School District serves approximately 950 students ranging from early childhood to grade 12. The district has three main facilities:

Northview Elementary School - serving students in an early childhood program through grade 4

Howards Grove Middle School - serving students in grades 5 through 8

Howards Grove High School - serving students in grades 9 through 12

The Howards Grove Community is tremendously proud of its educational facilities and would welcome the opportunity to provide any interested individual a first-hand tour. Should you be interested in participating in such a tour, please call the district office or one of our school offices to arrange for a specific time and date. The telephone numbers for each of our facilities are located within our district website.

The Howards Grove School District has excellent educational facilities, but at the heart of why the school district is an outstanding place for students to receive their foundational education is the manner in which the parents, community members, and school district staff members combine their efforts and support with a focus on the educational services provided our district's students.

Specifically, the many and varied curricular and extra curricular programs provided our early childhood through grade 12 students are orchestrated by approximately 135 individuals including board members, teachers, support staff, and administrators. The scores our students receive on such instruments as the ACT exam and the Forward Exam, and the success enjoyed by the vast majority of our students as they pursue further education and training after high school, are positive indicators that the synergistic efforts of our district's parents, community members, and educational staff members are providing outstanding educational opportunities for our community's young people.

In addition, the school district and its educational staff members maintain a concerted focus toward curriculum development and professional growth. The school district's development and growth efforts are focused on the best interests of our students and on continuing to enhance the overall educational services provided the children of the school district.

Due to the positive combination of a strong and dedicated professional staff, focused and dedicated school district leadership comprised of the school board and administrative team, parents and community members that believe in and support educational opportunities for the school district's children, and outstanding facilities and corresponding instructional resources, you can be assured your son or daughter will have a variety of opportunities in which to participate, and an educational experience that you, as a parent, would desire for your student.

The Howards Grove School District continues to be dedicated to the effort of providing each and every student that walks through our doors on a daily basis, the finest educational experience possible.

Thank you for your interest in our school district. As previously mentioned, please feel free to contact our district office or one of our individual school offices for more information about our educational programs, or to arrange for a personal tour and visit.

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