SCHEDULE CHANGE: There will NOT be swim lessons the week of July 4th. Swim lessons will run June 27-30 and July 11-14

Summer School Dates

  • April 8 – All summer school course descriptions and schedules available online.  You may begin browsing and planning your child(ren)’s possible summer school class schedules and related costs.
  • April 13 - Summer school registration opens online.
  • April 27 - Registration closes.
  • May 12 - Fees for applicable classes will be posted to students account.
  • May 26 - All fees need to be paid.
  • June 20 - July 15 - Summer School classes in session. Classes held Monday – Friday.
  • July 4 - NO Summer School classes
  • July 4-8- NO SWIMMING Classes

PLEASE NOTE - There may be other individual summer school offerings that are in sessions throughout July and/or August.

Grade Levels

Please remember that the grade levels used are the student’s 2022 – 2023 grade levels.

Student Absence

  • If your child must be absent, please call the Northview Office at 920-565-4457 to report your child’s absence.


  • Summer school classes will be held June 20, 2022 through July 15, 2022.
  • Classes will be held Monday-Friday, with no classes on July 4.
  • However, there are a few summer school classes that are in different sessions throughout June & July and some being held in August. Those specific dates are noted for each summer school class. Regular attendance is expected.


  • 8:00 – 11:00 am daily with a few class exceptions

Swimming Session NOTE:

  • Students signing up for the first swimming session do need to board the bus at Northview at 7:30 am or the Middle School at 7:35 am.
  • Students taking the second swimming session will not return to either Northview or the Middle School until approximately 11:25 am.
  • There will be no swimming classes the week of July 4-8.

A list of proposed course offerings and descriptions for Northview Elementary, Middle School, and High School summer school classes is provided. Some classes may end up being cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. If that occurs, you will be notified. A link to “Course Descriptions” will be available below starting April 8, 2022.

Northview Elementary Course Descriptions

Middle School Course Descriptions

High School Course Descriptions

The proposed times for each class section are listed so you can plan your own coordinated time schedule for each of your children. Please do not leave gaps of time between classes; there is a variety of classes offered between 8:00 and 11:00 am. If class changes due to insufficient enrollment are necessary, you will be notified and offered the opportunity to enroll in alternative classes. A link to “Class Schedules” will be available below starting April 8, 2022.

Northview Elementary Class Schedule

Middle School Class Schedule

High School Class Schedule

If you want your child(ren) to take swimming lessons, please sign them up for session 1 or 2 on your “Howards Grove Summer School Registration Form”. (Please note: the District is paying the swimming lesson fee for each student.) In addition, so that the Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center staff has the necessary emergency contact information, please print and complete this brochure and return to Northview Elementary School. We will forward the Swimming Lesson Brochures to the Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center Staff. A link for the “Swimming Registration Form” will be available below starting April 13, 2022.

*There will be no swimming classes the week of July 4-8*

Summer Swim Lesson Registration Form

Students who are being recommended by their teachers for certain courses will receive those recommendations by mail prior to April 8, 2022. The classes for teacher recommendation are: Elementary Reading (grades 1-4), Elementary Math (grades 1-4), Wild About Learning (grades K-2), Read to Succeed (grades 5-8) and Math Matters (grades 5-8). If you did not receive a teacher recommendation form and you think your child would benefit from one of these classes, please contact your child’s teacher. We will consider your request.

Please choose the link below and complete the registration. Fees for any classes will be posted by May 12, 2022 to your child’s account, and will need to be paid by Thursday, May 26, 2022.

You may pay registration fees online using our eFunds for School service. Access the eFunds for School option from any building’s home page. From the Parents drop down menu, there is a link titled E-Funds for Schools-Updated. You will need to include your Family ID Number and /or student Other ID Number during this process. These numbers can be found when you access Skyward Family Access.

Summer School Registration Form

Registration for Summer Fitness Class

  • April 27, 2022: Registration closes and all registrations need to be completed using the Google online form.
  • May 12, 2022: Fees will be posted to your child(ren)’s account
  • May 26, 2022: All summer school fees need to be paid, payable thru eFunds for School.


Refunds: There will be no course refunds after June 1 for a class(es) a student drops.

Transportation: The only transportation provided by the district is from Northview and the Middle School to the Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center and back for those students enrolled in swimming, and to the Howards Grove Center for the Arts at the high school for those student enrolled in the Elementary Musical Performance and Middle School Musical Production. If your children walk or ride bikes to and from summer school or between buildings, please reinforce safe walking and biking practices with them.

Please use the form below to write down a copy of your child(ren)’s summer school class schedule. Please list the class time, room number, and name of each class your child(ren) has signed up to take. Please have your child bring it with them to summer school each day until they are familiar with their schedule. It will allow any adult to help your child.

Summer School Class Schedule for


Please contact the Northview Office at 920-565-4457 between 8:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Documents & Forms

Summer Swim Lesson Registration Form