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Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Online Catalog

Visit our online catalog to find both print and electronic resources (e-books) available for borrowing in our library.

Electronic Books

Access our OverDrive catalog of e-books. These books are available to download to your digital device (Kindle, iPad, SMART phone, tablet computer, or even your laptop/desktop computer). Use your student ID number preceded by the letter P to log in and borrow e-books. Ask for more information & assistance in the library.

Goals & Instruction

Our goal is to provide educational experiences to students that enhance and enrich their experiences both in the classroom and in the real world. We attempt to foster in our students a lifelong love of reading, literature, and learning through working with teachers, students, parents, and community members in order to help create citizens who possess the information literacy skills necessary to survive in today's fast-paced, technology-oriented world.Students are encouraged to visit the library media center on a daily or weekly basis to explore new materials, check out books & magazines, complete homework, and develop their information literacy skills further. Information literacy instruction is embedded into content area curriculum and is supplemented by supportive instruction and materials from the librarian and library media center.

The basic expectation for sharing the Howards Grove High School IMC's collection of materials are as follows:

  • Students may check out up to 3 (three) items at any given time.
  • Items must be returned before students will be allowed to borrow additional items.
  • Books are borrowed for 3 (three) weeks and may be renewed once for another three week period.
  • Magazines are checked out for 1 (one) week and may also be renewed for another week.
  • Reference materials may be checked out overnight or over the weekend.
  • When a student has overdue material, he/she loses the privilege of checking out more items until the overdue items have been returned.
  • A fine policy will be in effect for students in the high school. 
  • There will be a three-day grace period; that is if the material is returned within three days after the due date, there will be no fine. If the material is returned four or more days after the due date, a fine will be charged for the entire overdue period. There will be no grace period for those materials with an "overnight" circulation.
  • Fines will accumulate for only the days when school is in session.
  • No fine will be charged for days when the student is absent. Students returning material that is overdue because of an absence should explain that when returning the material to avoid problems later. Those must be returned on the first day back to school after the absence in order to avoid the fine.
  • The fine for regular circulation items will be five cents ($0.05) per day, per item, not to exceed fifty cents ($0.50) per item. For those items with an "overnight" circulation, the fine will be twenty-five cents ($0.25) per class period, not to exceed two dollars ($2.00).
  • When a student owes a fine, he/she loses the privilege of checking out more items until the fine is paid.
  • Replacement costs will be charged for any materials destroyed or lost. Payment will also be required for damaged materials, in order to repair them to working order.
  • Receipts are issued for the payment of lost or damaged materials. If the lost items are returned during the current school year, the payment is refunded.
  • All overdue items, and payment for lost, damaged, or destroyed items accumulated during the school year must be taken care of in a timely manner.
  • No lost items that are found will be accepted after the end of the school year in which it was lost and paid for because the library media specialist will have already replaced them. Therefore, no money will be refunded.