About Howards Grove High School

Howards Grove High School is a comprehensive educational institution that serves approximately 280 students in grades 9-12.  We create inclusive learning environments that strive to support the academic and social-emotional development of all students to help them achieve educational success.  Our dedicated school staff implements innovative instructional practices to engage all learners and promote individualized education tailored to meet the specific needs of the students.  We operate on an A/B block schedule in which students participate in 4 classes that are 90 minutes in length each day.  We offer a variety of classes to prepare each student as they pursue their post-secondary interests and career pathway.  This includes AP and CAPP classes, dual-credit opportunities, partnerships with post-secondary institutions, and employment opportunities, such Youth Apprenticeship, internships, job shadowing, and school-to-work possibilities.  Within each school day, students also attend an “Advisement Period” that emphasizes academic support and extension, relationship and community building, and school life experiences.  


Outside the academic environment, Howards Grove High School promotes active involvement of our students in extracurricular and athletic activities.  This involvement helps to promote student self-confidence, social-emotional well-being, and creates a strong sense of belonging to our educational community.  Our athletics and extracurricular opportunities have achieved success at the state and national level.  Each season (fall, winter, and spring), a variety of athletics and extracurriculars are offered to our students.  We take a great sense of pride in providing opportunities that connect with the interests of our students as we work to achieve a strong education and educational experience for our students. 


Go Tigers!

Krista Neave

CEEB code: 502-090